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Fantastic and Loyal Working Dogs

We finally have our first little boy and have just been told that the litter with our two females have been born. We are now going to be on our way to begin our breeding program for these great dogs.

Great Pyrenees: Services


Exceeding Expectations

The Great Pyrenees is a large-size working dog breed from France with a typically white double coat. It's known for a hard-working spirit and a sweet disposition as well as its massive, muscular stature. The Great Pyrenees is an adorable teddy bear, very loyal to its family, and typically gets along very well with children.



Protect Livestock or Family

Pyrenees puppies are the cutest, sweetest balls of white fluff that grow up to be big dogs with equally big hearts and souls. However, they are also world-class guardians with a keen sense of hearing. Because they are so loyal and loving, they will immediately alert you to an intruder, and this is especially true at night since they were bred to be nocturnal guards.



Committed to Famliy

As your pet, your Great Pyrenees is loyal and loveable and prone to lazing about the house. However, they are always alert, keeping an eye and an ear out for potential threats. They’ll move around the house with you, and always want to be at your side. When a Great Pyrenees loves you, they love you with everything they have.

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