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Smart and Loving Pets

Said to be the smallest breed of pig, the Juliana pig is often referred to as the miniature painted pig because of its small size and its markings. The Juliana was bred to be small, by selectively breeding other small breeds and small pigs. It is not formally recognized as a breed but tends to be considered a good pet because of its gentle and affectionate nature.

Juliana Pigs: Services
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The Juliana pig usually weighs between 20 and 40 pounds. They are referred to as painted because they have spots or markings that appear painted and are a different color to their coat. Common colorings include black spots on a white coat, but there are many variants. They are closer in build and appearance to a wild pig than a pot-bellied pig.


Julianas are said to be as trainable as dogs. Some owners attest to the fact that they are more intelligent and can learn more commands than the average canine. They respond to positive body language and praise and are especially susceptible to food-based training using high reward food-based treats. Juliana pigs can be trained to go to the toilet outside, inside, or a combination of the two.



This type of pig has been bred specifically as a companion pet. As such, they have been bred to be sociable and friendly. Like all pigs, they are very clean animals that can be house trained and that will get along with people.


Julianas have become such popular pets, is because they enjoy cuddling and they enjoy receiving love and attention. Owners often provide their Julianas with blankets and cuddly toys for their pigs to love. They are very sociable animals and when kept as pets, they will form a close bond with their humans. They like to be stroked and petted and especially enjoy being massaged.

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