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Great Goats in a Smaller Package

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These little guys are a fun loving bunch, all the entertainment you could need. They enjoy having all kinds of obstacles to play with. They have easy going and playful personalities. Their gentle and calm nature makes them a great companion for children, adults and elderly people.

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Nigerian dwarfs produce a surprising amount of milk for their small size. Production ranges from 1 to 8 pounds of milk per day, which can be up to 2 pints. Their milk contains higher butterfat content than milk from a full-sized dairy goat, and is excellent for making cheese and soap.

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Docile, playful, and even friendly to their human owners. In fact, they will voluntarily seek you out for some interaction. They also respond to vocal calls. If you are looking to keep one as a pet, consider bottle-feeding them when they are little.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats: Services
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