Getting Started

Well we have finally made it out into the country with some land. It was a lot of work and a lot of moving before we made it here. We are now trying to start our own homestead on our little slice of land. We have decided to star breeding some livestock and pets with the hope of being able to sell them. We have somehow wound up with mostly miniature and smaller animals so we used that and came up with the name Fluff Butt Acres TX. My oldest daughter was kind enough to draw us up a nice logo that is up at the top of the webpage and on the Facebook page. We are just now getting started and have had our first births, so now we have four more little Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We just picked up out breeding male piglet for our Juliana pigs. We are due to pick up two female Great Pyrenees later on this summer so that way we can get them trained and ready for a breeding program. All of our Silkie chickens are still young and in the brooder. We have a whole lot going on but are determined to make it work. With the hard work and help of my loving wife and my three girls, I am confident that we will succeed. I hope that y'all will stay tuned and see what we are able to do.

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